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September 10, 2017

What’s new here at typealias?

This week I focused on clearing up some of the common confusion around the “scope functions” by digging into these functions in the standard library:

After looking into each of these functions in detail, I put together a guide called Understanding Kotlin’s let(), also(), run(), and apply(), which demonstrates how they relate to each other, with some guidelines on how to choose the most appropriate function.

This doesn’t cover all of the scope functions, but these four have a strong relationship to each other, as the guide explains, so it makes sense to examine them together.

What’s new in the Kotlin world?

Less than two months to go until KotlinConf in San Francisco! There’s quite an impressive line-up of talks by some fantastic voices in the Kotlin community.

In case you missed it, a workshop session was announced this past week. It’ll take place on November 1, the day before the conference kicks off. Topics include Introduction to Kotlin and Building Libraries for Kotlin.

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