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October 1, 2017

The Latest on typealias

I continued my deep dive into Kotlin’s generics this week with a look at constraints:

There are a couple of ways to write generic constraints in Kotlin, and some reasons why you would choose one approach over the other. The latest concept article, Type Parameter Constraint, covers the details.
If you’re wondering what a Type Parameter Constraint is, or when you would want to use one, then the new guide, When (and when not) to Use Type Parameter Constraints is for you!

Kotlin News from the Rest of the World

Kotlin 1.2 is now in beta! Developers who use lots of annotations (particularly those who use Spring Framework) are excited about array literals for annotations. As an Android developer, I’m looking forward to some of the improvements to type inference. And of course, the math update to the standard library is also popular. Go check out the official release announcement, and then download it and give it a try!
RebelLabs recently surveyed those in the Java space, and the results are in. As it turns out, Kotlin is the most beloved programming language of the respondents, with a satisfaction score of 9.1 out of 10.
The Gradle team put together a guide on Building Kotlin JVM Libraries, where you can use Kotlin throughout the project, from build script to documentation to test code.

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