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October 11, 2017

Latest News at typealias

I’ve been exploring Kotlin’s generics over the past few weeks. Here are the latest articles:


Kotlin does some nifty tricks to make it so that you can treat type parameters similarly to actual class names. Check out the latest guide, Getting Real with Reified Type Parameters to see how you can use them in your code today!


If you want even more details about them, the concept article, Reified Type Parameters, has what you’re looking for.

More Kotlin News


The news making the biggest splash this week has been Realm’s Q4 2017 report showing language trends for mobile developers, claiming that Kotlin is on its way to taking over the Android world.


Todd Ginsberg had a short, lighthearted article about Abusing Kotlin’s Unicode Support for Fun by adding Shruggy to your Kotlin code. Creative identifiers like this don’t seem to work on Android projects, but if you’re targeting good ol’ Java bytecode, give it a try!


Speaking of fun - here’s a fun article from hackernoon that uses infix functions to make a surprisingly readable for expression: Kotlin Iterate Through Everyday in this Year

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