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December 3, 2017

Can’t believe it’s already been a month since KotlinConf! If you haven’t caught up on all of the fantastic sessions, the videos are available online, and the slide decks are also available for many of the talks.

Kotlin 1.2

The biggest news of the past week was the release of Kotlin 1.2. A big part of this release is that it allows you to share code between platforms in a multi-platform project. But there are also a ton of other useful updates, like:

This week I’ll be spending some time updating a few existing articles so that they line up with the state of Kotlin in version 1.2.

New Stuff at

Well, I knew when I started working through generics that it would take me a while, but that it’d be worth it. Lots of cool features in Kotlin rely on generics, so I really wanted to take as much time as I need in order to understand them thoroughly.

Here are the latest concept articles, as I’ve continued my detailed exploration of generics and variance:

That’s all the news for this week! Follow me on Twitter to catch the latest Kotlin news and articles throughout the week!

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