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January 17, 2018

New articles at typealias

I’m coming down the home stretch on my dive into Kotlin’s generics and variance features! Here are the latest concept articles - go check ‘em out!

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KotlinConf 2018

Yes, KotlinConf is returning again in 2018. So many people have been hoping for the event to take place in Europe, and your dreams just came true! Amsterdam, October 3-5, 2018.

Kotlin 1.2.20 Released

Kotlin 1.2 brought some great improvements to the compilation speed. Now, 1.2.20 brings along some optimizations so that the compiler can be smarter about when it needs to run.

Another goody is the tooling to format Kotlin code according to the new coding conventions. This was announced a few weeks back as an opt-in feature, and it’s now included in the Kotlin plugin by default. Check out the release announcement for info on how to get it working in your project today.

Today, just for fun, I ran the formatter against an entire code base of mine. It changed about 65% of the Kotlin files! Nice!

You dig FP? Check out ΛRROW!

Until now, Kotlin programmers who are into Functional Programming had two popular library options - funKTionale and KΛTEGORY. This week, ΛRROW made its debut as the new, unified FP library for Kotlin, a merging of those two libraries.

Although I’m not personally doing much FP at the moment, I believe that merging these libraries into one is a fantastic move, as it brings to bear all of the talent of those library authors, and offers Kotlin newcomers a clear choice for FP.


That’s all I’ve got for today. Be excellent.

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