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September 17, 2017

New Content on the Site

I tell you what… building out a new website sure is a lot of work, but it’s also really rewarding! I’ve been trying to balance “write great content” with “do a junk-ton of stuff to make the site look sweet”. Here’s the latest for this week:


For those of you who still use RSS (like me…), you might have noticed that big orange RSS icon in the top right corner. Feel free to add it to Feedly, or your feed reader of choice.


Added a new concept article for another one of Kotlin’s scope functions, with().


Since with() and run() are so similar, I put together a guide to help you decide which one to use in different situations: Choosing between with() and run().

Other Kotlin News


If you’re brand new to Kotlin, the Cross-Cutting Concerns podcast had a recent episode where Michael Yotive gives a brief high-level introduction to Kotlin.


The Android Developers Backstage podcast had a recent episode called Kotlin-n-Stuff, where Jake Wharton (now at Google!) and others chat about Kotlin, Android, and some of the open source libraries that Jake has worked on in the past. A fun episode even if you’re not doing Android development.


After co-authoring the recently-released Android Development with Kotlin book, Marcin Moskala talks with Ben Halpern about why Kotlin is so great – and the common misconceptions about the language. Read the interview.

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